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Kokeshi Spa owner, Jacqueline, is an amazing Esthetician in Santa Rosa! I’ve been a client for over 15 years and she continues to provide professional results and a personable experience each and every time I visit her spa. I’ve had many facials and various treatments, every time leaving relaxed, my skin looking and feeling amazing. Her product knowledge and attention to how my skin reacts is very important due to sensitive skin issues. She always takes time to ensure I’m comfortable. During this challenging time around the pandemic, she was closed until just recently, opened for a short time and then closed again due to orders by the state. She follows protocol and laws by the book and her spa is impeccably clean. I trust that she is taking all proper precautions for the safety of her clients. If you want to see a difference in your skin and feel safe doing so, you need to go to and schedule a procedure with Jacqueline.

Holly W.



Very thorough
Ric Nichols

Always great care, soothing environment and Jacqueline cares about you.
Jacqui Garcia

Jacqueline is super sweet! Kokeshi Spa is very relaxing and inviting. The warm adjustable bed is amazing!! My skin has come a long way and I look forward to…
Sherry Verzi

I love Kokeshi Spa! My skin has never been better.
Mari G

This spa is outstanding! I started going to Jacqueline over 8 years ago and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else now. Highly recommend.
Trudy Marquardt

I am so glad I went.
Sara Bochte

Roy Gugliotta, Healdsburg California
roy gugliotta

Jacqueline is amazing! My husband and I argue over who gets to see her every time. I wouldn’t trust my skin care with anyone else.
Stacey Gallagher

Jacqueline is the greatest.She provides a beautiful,serene environment and is very professional,knowledgeable and her facials are the best,and I have had many..I adore her sweet ,peaceful kind Spirit.
Phylis Kendall

It is such a wonderful, calming, restorative experience and her products are the best. I highly recommend Jacqueline!
iamlearningfourlife Bohms

Beautiful, calming and peaceful. Jacqueline gave me my very first facial, and it was an amazing experience from start to finish!
Eve Terese

Jacqueline is outstanding at what she does in addition to being incredibly kind and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!

Karissa Allen

Jacqueline makes a beautiful, calm space and the best products. With the added bonus of now having great skin!
Melissa Weese

Absolutely wonderful experience and results . Thanks for introducing me to the products .
Rhonda Foster

Kokeshi Facial Spa provides a very relaxing and welcoming healing environment for guests to enjoy facials and purchase skin care products of the purist and highest quality.
Bob Heisler


The service provided by Jacqueline is always above and beyond. I highly recommend you book an appointment with her today!
Lindsay San Martin

She has taught me so much about caring for my skin. Her facials are a treat and incredibly relaxing.
Annette Romios

I love her skin care products that are natural and effective as well as reasonably priced.You deserve to try this experience for yourself.
Cindy Schellenberg

Exellent Service Tailored Just For You. My custom facial at Kokeshi Zen Facial Spa far exceeded my expectations. I was beyond impressed by the level of tailored service Jacqueline provided, her extensive knowledge and expert advice on the treatment that was best suited for my skin needs and goals. She listened carefully to my concerns, answered all my questions (I had several) and walked me through her treatment recommendations and how I could improve my regular skin care routine. And her massage was absolutely amazing! I will most certainly be going back.
Michelle A

Great Service! Jaqueline at Kokeshi Zen Facial Spa has literally saved my life with her service. I went in about 6 months ago for a facial, she did an excellent job on my face but after she was done she let me know about a brown spot on my face. I said I didn’t really have any concerns about it because of my old age but she said I should really get it looked at. I spoke to my dermatologist and he was able to determine that it was melanoma. Everything is fine now but if I didn’t have the help from Jaqueline things could be very bad for me right now. Really appreciative of her service.
Timothy J H.

The Best Facial I’ve ever received! I look forward to my monthly facial treatment with Jacqueline. Her place is very tranquil and neat as a pin. She’s attentive, kind and always goes the extra mile to ensure you’ve enjoyed your treatment. Her massages are great. And my skin has never felt better.!
Judy R.

1st Class! My daughter was dealing with some acne issues. Jacqueline gave a wonderful facial and educated her about the importance of nutrition when it comes to healthy skin. Her skin has improved in just a few days.
Mike B.

Relaxing, Professional, Luxurious! From the moment I had Jacqueline begin my treatment I could tell that she is very knowledgeable and passionate about her craft. She is so good at figuring out the right treatment for my skin. She cares deeply. And her office is such a beautiful and relaxing oasis.
Jessica D.

Jacqueline makes her clients feel comfortable and relaxed and gives an excellent facial and spa experience. I always enjoy visiting Kokeshi. Jacqueline has made her spa so relaxing and calming. Her services are excellent and I highly recommend her.
Jan S.

Outstanding in all respects! Jacqueline is an absolute professional. Very caring, she goes over and beyond expectations. Using natural products, she not only does fantastic job but helps teach you about skin care too! Highly recommend her to anyone looking for help, guidance, or just s little pampering in their lives.
Cassie May S.

Very relaxing! Jacqueline is very knowledgable and gives a great, relaxing facial. I like that she takes her time and makes it a long, relaxing appointment. My face is very sensitive, and yet I haven’t had any reactions to anything in her facials.
Cami L.

Expert Attention to Your Needs Delivered by Jacqueline Emery! Jacqueline has created a warm and inviting atmosphere in her spa where she attentively listens to your needs and provides skin care products of the purest and highest quality. Spending time with her is like being in an oasis of tranquility.
Bob H.

Jacqueline is the best! I have received multiple facials and treatments from Jacqueline and she is the best. It is always a completely relaxing experience and my skin always feels great. Jacqueline really knows her craft and is a true expert. I have purchased multiple gift certificates for family members and they always give nothing but the best feedback. I cannot recommend her services enough!
Kevin G.

MySkinBuddy Treatment is amazing! I love Kokeshi Spa, Jacqueline always knows whats best for my skin, at home and in treatment. My most recent treatment she used a MySkinBuddy handheld device. The treatment was so easy and smooth, I had never had LEDs used on my face, it was a little scary at first, but very easy to get used to. It took years off my skin with out any abrasive chemicals or rough scrubbing. I was glowing for days. I may have to pick one up to use at home.
Tai E.

Incredible with Skin Care! Kokeshi is a fabulous place. I totally love the woman who works there, Jackie. She is incredible with skin care and very knowledgeable. She has a lovely line of skin care products. My skin is very reactive and sensitive. She took the time and effort to patch test my skin before she put anything on. I had no reactions to her products at all and she was really slow and gentle. She loves her work and it really shows. She’s also very very good at it and is a very bright individual. I go there once a month and I won’t go anywhere else. She actually cares about people’s skin and she’s pleasant to be around. Her prices are really, really reasonable and the location is a very clean and calming little spot. Very therapeutic. You feel comfortable there. She will take good care of you. She will figure out what your skin needs and give it to you. That’s what she does.
Lori G.

I have been going to Kokeshi- A Zen Facial Spa for about a year. Kokeshi is great. I never have a problem getting an appointment to correspond with my availability. She does facials for me and she also does my brows. She always does an excellent job. They have very good prices and I would recommend them to my friends and other people.
Emily A.

Fabulous! I bought several products from Kokeshi- A Zen Facial Spa and they are fabulous! Some of the products I have used are the face wipes, some moisturizer, and vitamin C. They are working beautifully and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin.
Janice L.

Knowledgeable and Good with Sensitive, Problematic Skin Types! Jacque is great at what she does all around. I’ve been going to see her for facial services over the past year. I love her use of natural products. I have really sensitive, problematic skin and Jacque’s recommendations are always spot on. From rashes to bumps, Jacque knows what to do!
Noel W.

Definitely Try Her Out, You Won’t Be Disappointed! I’ve been visiting Jacque for about 6-8 months now. I was curious about her sugaring services after looking for an alternative to waxing. Jacque does good work. She’s really personable and thorough while working quickly. When it comes to sterilization, she has it down. She’s always spot on when it comes to delivering great service.
Rob M.

Just awesome.This was my first time going to Kokeshi- A Zen Facial Spa, but I would definitely go back there. She was very personable and cares about what you need. She asked a bunch of questions about my skin so she had a clear idea about everything. She also does massages, and she made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. She talked to me about what she was doing through each step. It was just awesome. I would definitely recommend them. This experience was better than the other facials that I’ve gotten.
Hailey A.

Go to Jacqueline and give her a shot! Jacqueline at Kokeshi–A Zen Facial Spa is a really nice lady and takes good care of her customers. I got a facial and had my eyebrows done–and my experience was pretty relaxing and the whole experience was good. I’ve already gone back because I like it, and I’ve already referred people to her. She’s good at what she does.
Michael H.

I gave Kokeshi a five star rating because of the quality, the care and the professionalism they deliver. The price to value ratio was very fair. I’ve already recommended the service a number of times. I would highly recommend Jacqueline, she did an excellent job.
Alex P.

Jacqueline is such a knowledgeable and caring professional. She really listens to my skin care concerns and comes up with a treatment plan that is perfected for my own issues. I love the results; after seeing Jacqueline I got a ton of improvement on my body acne and my confidence!
Jessica D.

Awesome experience! Excellent service, very professional, she will cover all bases when comes to Spa experience… I got pampered… Lol.
Ector O.

I had the Sugaring Hair Removal done and the results were amazing. The entire experience from the time you enter Kokeshi until you leave is excellent. Jacqueline is an expert in her field and explains the procedures as she’s implementing them in a very relaxed way. I would highly recommend Kokeshi – A Zen Facial Spa.
Charlotte Z.

Kokeshi Cares! I have been seeing Jacqueline at Kokeshi for over a year now and every treatment I have received has been top notch! What makes it even better is that she uses most of her products and they are amazing. When I go into Kokeshi, I feel as though I am visiting a family member. Jacqueline truly cares about her clients and goes the extra mile to help in any way possible. I highly recommend Kokeshi…call Jacqueline today!
Lindsay S.

I Feel Like A Million Dollars When I Leave! I like the way that Jacqueline spends time with you at Kokeshi. She talks about your skin, gives good advice and connects with you. She really takes her time. The treatment is very enjoyable and I always look forward to going. She’s good at what she does, and my skin feels a lot softer and healthier since I’ve been going here. My eyebrows are also very well-plucked and sugar scrubbed.
Dana M.

Jacqueline is awesome! Super cute space, comfortable atmosphere, amazing treatment, and great customer service! Definitely recommend!
T S.

Pleasant relaxing and well thought out business! I really appreciate Jacqueline Emery. She is thoughtful and peaceful. Her prices are very reasonable. Her service it exceptional! I always leave at peace.
Kimberly K.

Great job! Jackie took great care of me, I highly recommend her & her services.
G S.

Amazing!!!! I would recommend Kokeshi spa to anyone suffering from breakouts they want to help clear up!
Josh G.

The moment I walk in the door at Kokeshi Spa I feel relaxation roll over my whole system. The sound of the trickling fountain, the perfect lighting, and relaxing energy melt me into the room. The treatments are professional, clean, and done with gentleness. It is evident that Jackie cares about her clients and loves what she does. She always takes time to talk with me about any issue I have coming up around my skin and has always had the solution. I used to get my brows waxed and now have switched to sugar scrub as my method of hair removal, thanks to Jackie, and I will never go back! The sugar scrub is amazing and I’ve noticed a significant decrease in regrowth after only 2 treatments to my lip and brow. I highly recommend Jackie and Kokeshi Spa.
Alli K.

First time and it was a relaxing and refreshing experience. I felt comfortable and enjoyed the treatment.
Ryan S.