The Ancient Egyptian Form of Hair Removal

The removal of body hair dates back to ancient civilizations of Greece and Egypt. I’ve read stories where servants were required not to have hair on their bodies while serving the Pharaoh, as hair on the body was considered at the time to be unclean by the upper class. Sugaring, a method of hair removal, was discovered around this time period. The method has been handed down over generations. Today it is one of the fastest growing techniques used by estheticians all around the country.

What is Sugaring?

Sugaring is a form of hair removal that uses a sugar paste made from sugar, lemon and some water. It is boiled at a high temperature and it forms into a molasses or paste like consistency. After extensive research, it was determined that sugaring can provide permanent hair removal and its benefits are much better than some of the other techniques used today.

I was taught sugaring and certified by Alexandria Professional Body Company about 4 years ago. I like sugaring better than waxing for several reasons. The first is that it can lead to permanent hair removal and it is not as harsh as waxing can be to the skin. Sugar also has many benefits. It is pure and natural, when applied it is not hot, it will not stick to your skin, it will not break hairs leading to in-grown hairs, it is more sanitary, it can hydrate dry skin and when applied will remove the top layer of dead skin cells. The second reason, is sugaring is better for the environment. Remember the ingredients are sugar and lemon. When you dispose of it is will decompose and melt away in the environment while wax (a rosin) will remain in the landfill for decades.

What to do prior to your first appointment

It is very important to stop using vitamin A, or vitamin A derivitives, like retin A, retinoids, glycolics or alpha or beta hydroxyl acids prior to your appointment. Sugaring is not recommended for clients on Accutane.

A few days before your appointment and leading up to your appointment, gently exfoliate and hydrate the area to be sugared. If you are having your underarms sugared it is very important to not wear deodorant to your appointment as this will hinder the sugar from attaching to the hairs.

In order to control the hair growth, it is recommended to come in for treatment every 3 weeks to get your hair growth under control. Hair grows in 3 stages and we want to get all three of those stages sugared and start a growth pattern that will eventually lead to less hair growth and eventually permanency.

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