What is an Esthetician (or aesthetician)?

*Person devoted to, or professionally occupied with, the health and beauty of the skin.

Why should I be getting Facials?

There are many reasons why a person may seek a treatment for a facial. Usually the person has become conscious of the value of skin care treatments and feels it will be helpful in correcting his or her skin problems. A growing number of people feel that a clear, healthy skin is an asset to their professional appearance and to their self esteem.

For best results, I would suggest a series of facial treatments. This will produce a more positive result. One facial treatment is usually not enough to get the results you are looking for but it is a good start. A single one hour treatment cannot undo a condition that has taken months and sometimes years to acquire. My second recommendation would be the use of professional home care products to help achieve your skin care goals and enhance your facials. The combination of facial treatments and the use of professional home care products will achieve healthy, clear and vibrant skin.

What Type of Facials Should I Be Getting?

It all depends on your skin care goals, your skin type and condition. When you come for your first appointment, you will be filling out a consultation information sheet, a thorough skin analysis will be performed, and I will be asking you questions about your skin and your habits. I can then set up a plan to help you achieve your skin care goals. From your first facial appointment you will see a difference in your skin texture and color and most of all in your overall wellbeing.

What Type of Professional Home Care Products Should I be Using?

Home Care products can be as simple as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. It can be a simple three step process or up to a five or six step process. Purchasing products is an investment in your skin, just like you would invest in your teeth or heart health. The products you choose to use will determine how healthy your skin will look and feel. I realize in this age of online shopping, you can purchase skin care products that are less expensive. I cannot guarantee the integrity of the products you purchase online. Often great deals online are deals for a reason.

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